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Excess Fat

What is excess fat?

Excess fat on your body is when you have stubborn fat on a specific part or your entire body. Excess fat is commonly linked to major physical threats and problems to your body and can lead to developing heart disease or diabetes. If you have a mild case of excess fat, you can easily lose it by regularly exercising or maintaining a balanced diet. For more severe and stubborn cases, you may need to see your doctor for proper treatment.

What causes excess fat?

There are numerous reasons why you can develop excess fat. If you have a slow metabolism or are older in age, this can be a reason why you may have trouble losing excess fat.

Other common causes of excess fat include:

  • Overeating too much solid fat
  • Excessive consumption of carbohydrates
  • Lack of physical activity (prevents your body from burning fat)
  • Genetic susceptibility (even if you eat less)

Symptoms of excess fat

  • A large waist with a circumference of more than 40 inches (for me) and 35 inches (for women)
  • A high blood sugar of more than 100mg/dL
  • Higher BMI (causes frequent hunger)
  • Difficulty in losing weight

Who is at risk of excess fat in Singapore?

Anyone is at risk of gaining excess fat. Certain factors that increase this risk include:

  • Unhealthy lifestyle choices (diet, inactivity and/or liquid calories)
  • Low metabolism
  • Pregnancy
  • Quitting smoking
  • Lack of sleep
  • Stress
  • Microbiome (when your gut bacteria are affected by what you consume)

What are the treatment options for excess fat at OZ Aesthetics?


Freezemax is a cutting-edge 360º body contouring treatment, allowing you to sculpt your body via fat freezing (known as cryolipolysis). It is a non-invasive technology that treats localised fat deposits and reduces the appearance of love handles, double chins and other stubborn fat in areas that make it difficult to lose even with a proper diet and regular exercise.

Legacy Sculpt

Legacy Sculpt is a safe body and face contouring treatment with no risk and no downtime. This treatment breaks down stubborn fat cells by heat. Your body will then eliminate the destroyed fat cells through its natural metabolism process. It is most commonly used to treat the abdominal area but it can also treat smaller and hard-to-reach areas such as your cheekbones and neck. Legacy Sculpt also stimulates collagen remodelling to help tighten and smoothen the treated areas.

OZ UltraSculpt

OZ UltraSculpt is used to treat stubborn fat t remodel problem areas and help you achieve your desired body profile in a short amount of time. It uses electromagnetic waves to create muscle contractions in specific areas of your body and is more effective than strenuous physical activities or exercise. This helps to tone and slim your body.

OZ Ultrafit

OZ Ultrafit is a body contouring treatment that uses advanced electromagnetic technology to sculpt your body. It utilises non-thermal and non-radiation-based electromagnetic waves or High-Intensity Focus Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to create muscle contractions in targeted areas of your body. The HIFEM technology will trigger your muscle tissue to create new protein strands and muscle fibres, resulting in a toned and slim body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can excess fat hurt?

Excess fat is commonly linked to weight gain. While the excess fat itself does not hurt, excess weight gain can put a strain on your joints and bones and lead to pain in your lower back due to the added pressure on your spine.

What factors contribute to excess fat?

Factors that can contribute to gaining excess fat include a poor diet, pregnancy, not enough physical activity, not enough sleep, stress or it may even be due to a family history of excess fat.

Where does excess fat get stored?

Fat in the body is stored in different compartments of your body. The two main compartments are under your skin (subcutaneous) and around your internal organs (visceral / abdominal).

Does excess fat make you fat?

Excess fat will not necessarily make you fat. However, you do run the risk of becoming overweight if you continue to eat an unhealthy diet. A well-balanced diet with the right amount of fats, carbohydrates, proteins and calories can help with avoiding excess fat.

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