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Eye Bags

What are eye bags?

Eye bags is the term used in Singapore to describe swelling, sagging and puffiness under the eyes. Dark circles usually occur with eye bags as well, as the skin under the eyes darken due to constriction of blood vessels.

What are the common causes eye bags in Singapore?

Eye bags form when the muscles and skin tissue around the eyes start to weaken. This causes your skin to sag, and fluid starts to accumulate below the eyes. Additionally, fat that’s normally around your eyes starts to move into that area as well. Although this normally happens in the natural aging process, there are other reasons behind the formation of eye bags. 

These are some common factors that typically leads to the formation of eye bags:

  • Eye strain from too much screen usage
  • Vitamin deficiencies and poor nutrition
  • Irritation and lack of hydration
  • Allergies or sinusitis issues
  • Lack of sleep and fatigue
  • Water retention

What are the common types and symptoms of eye bags in Singapore?

Typically, eye bags present the following symptoms: 

  • Sagging eye bags
  • Under-eye puffiness and swelling
  • Dark circles

Are eye bags painful?

Eye bags are usually not painful or harmless and are usually regarded as a cosmetic concern. If your eye bags are itchy, swollen or painful, it could be an indication of an eye problem and should be checked by a doctor.

How are eye bags diagnosed?

Eye bags can be identified and diagnosed by your dermatologist or doctor through a visual examination and taking note of your medical history. 

Who is at risk of developing eye bags in Singapore?

Anyone can develop eye bags, but these following factors may put you at higher risk:

  • Allergies
  • Stress and/or lack of sleep
  • Too much screen time 
  • Family history of eye bags
  • Smoking
  • Medical conditions (dermatitis, dermatomyositis, renal disease, thyroid eye disease)
  • A diet high in salt and saturated fats 

What are the treatment options available for eye bags in Singapore?

Non-surgical therapies

Facial therapies can drastically improve the appearance of eye bags and under-eye puffiness, as well as dark circles. For eye bags, we offer the following treatment:

Using cryotherapy, this effective treatment targets eye bags as it cools down the skin, reducing inflammation. This facial also works by stimulating vasoconstriction to reduce blood cells and promote firmer skin to prevent sagging under the eyes. 

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)

This surgery is a common choice for those looking for a permanent solution to get rid of eye bags and under the eye puffiness. It involves trimming and removing excess fat, skin and muscle under the eyes.

Dermal fillers

Injectable fillers are often used to treat eye bags by improving the appearance of the tear troughs and undereye bags.

Eye creams

There are several eye creams and serums available on the market that can help improve the appearance of eyebags or prevent them from getting worse.

Lifestyle changes

  • Getting enough sleep and rest
  • Maintaining a nutritious diet
  • Using face moisturiser regularly 
  • Skin icing and cool compresses 
  • Reducing stress levels

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main reason for eye bags?

Eye bags happen when the muscles and skin under your eyes start to weaken and fluid accumulates in that area. There are many reasons why this happens, besides natural aging.

Are eye bags permanent?

Eye bags are often not permanent, depending on the severity and underlying cause. Eye bags can be improved through blepharoplasty or facial therapies.

Does lack of sleep cause eye bags?

Yes, lack of sleep often causes eye bags and puffiness due to dilating blood cells and accumulating fluid. 

How can I hide eye bags?

Using cosmetic concealers can help to temporarily hide eye bags. For a more permanent solution, consult a dermatologist. 

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