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ACNE Prestige HydraClear Facial

Hydrodermabrasion + Dual Ultrasound + Lymphatic Drainage Massage= A Comprehensive Solution to Persistent Acne 

What is ACNE Prestige HydraClear Facial?

ACNE Prestige HydraClear Facial is a facial package made up of three treatment modules to resolve persistent acne issues for patients of all ages. Curated by Korean dermatologists, this facial solution doesn’t just treat superficial acne development but will also treat imbalances occurring in deeper levels of the skin. 

Hydro Dermabrasion 

A deep exfoliating technique that utilises hydrogen water and active ingredients such as AHA/BHA/COM serums. 

Scientifically proven to improve conditions of patients with active acne.

This section of the treatment will:

  • Remove dead skin cells subsequently allowing better permeability of skincare products. 
  • Rid of excess sebum, effectively halting the development of acne breakouts. 
  • Kills bacteria festering on the skin. 
  • Promotes smoother and even complexion, effectively preventing the formation of uneven skin tone. 

Hydro Dermabrasion 

Dual frequency ultrasound technique that has been tested and proven to address facial erythema (facial redness as a result of inflammation). 

This section of the facial treatment will: 

  • Induce skin recovery and barrier repair by accelerating exosome production in skin cells. 
  • Reduce redness and visible signs of irritation on the skin.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A massage technique that will aid in releasing toxins and water retained in the face. 

This element of the treatment will: 

  • Improve blood circulation to the face.
  • Aid in wound healing from acne lesions.

How does ACNE Prestige HydraClear Facial work?

Shown below are mechanisms of how each element of the ACNE Prestige HydraClear Facial will work to treat acne development; 

In patients with acne, hair follicles under the skin become clogged. Sebum and dead skin cells clog the pores, which leads to outbreaks of lesions.

Hydro dermabrasion of Acne Prestige HydraClear Facial will effective unclog the pores. The usage of hydrogen water will enable deeper penetration as hydrogen molecules are smaller than water. This allows effective purification of the skin

Active ingredients will be included to treat active breakouts, killing reminiscent bacteria and address infection that has occured.
Where acne lesions have formed, skin is typically inflamed and irritated. This also increases risk of post-inflammatory erythema and post-inflammatory pigmentation.

Usage of dual ultrasound frequency of Acne Prestige HydraClear Facial will subsequently reduce inflammation of the skin and reduce the likelihood of permanent scarring. Additionally, this step in the facial will aid in skin barrier repair.
The treatment is concluded with a facial lymphatic drainage massage. This technique is employed to detoxify the face from impurities and any water retention that may be causing puffiness.

Patients will also benefit from this step as blood circulation is improved, subsequently accelerating healing of any acne lesions present.

Combining the best solutions to achieve skin liberation

ACNE Prestige HydraClear Facial

✔ Sequential treats acne development for sustainable results

✔ Improves facial appearance 

✔ Reduces the formation of scars 

✔ Significantly improved results within a single treatment 

Benefits of ACNE Prestige HydraClear Facial

  • Improves overall skin health
  • Minimally invasive 
  • No downtime 
  • Deep-cleanses pores
  • Eliminates  impurities and dead skin cells
  • Repairs skin barrier 
  • Provides relief 
  • Improves permeability rate of skin 
  • Enhanced skin tone and texture 

What conditions can ACNE Prestige HydraClear Facial treat? 

ACNE Prestige HydraClear Facial is an effective solution for treating: 

  • Whiteheads 
  • Blackheads 
  • Pustules 
  • Papules 
  • Mild hormonal acne 
  • Dull and damaged skin from prior acne breakouts 

What results can I expect from ACNE Prestige HydraClear Facial?

The outcome of this treatment will vary depending on the severity of each patient. Typically, one can expect reduced acne growth, improvement in skin texture and even lightening of post-inflammatory pigmentation and post-inflammatory erythema. This treatment, however, will not address hypertrophic, keloid or atrophic scars as extreme physical damage to the skin will require more invasive intervention. 

ACNE Prestige HydraClear Facial will neutralise skin imbalances, and discolourations, and prevent future breakouts. Patients must maintain a lifestyle that supports healing and repair of the skin such as reduced consumption of alcohol, sweat and oil food and drinks, quitting smoking and maintaining a balanced diet. It is important to note that more often than not, the formation of acne is not just an issue occurring on the superficial layers of the skin but also due to imbalances of one’s system. Our experts will guide you accordingly to ensure you can maintain the yielded results for a long time. 

How many treatment sessions of ACNE Prestige HydraClear Facial is needed?

Whilst results may be evident within the first session, it will not suffice to treat the recurrence of acne. Depending on the subjective of each patient, you may be advised to prescribe anywhere between 5 to 10 sessions for a sustainable outcome. 

Where conditions have improved, you will then be given appropriate recommendations on other services that could help sustain your newfound solution. A long-term commitment to this specific facial is not deemed necessary though preferred by many of our patients due to its evident efficiency.

Frequently asked questions:

Cystic acne is typically a manifestation of hormone dysregulation. Additionally, they are also known to cause extreme discomfort and pain in patients. In more severe conditions of acne such as cystic, a treatment like this may not be able to provide a long-term solution. Additionally, patients may also be under prescription medication such as Accutane which could contradict some of the treatments in this package. 

For certainty on whether you are a suitable candidate contact us now and consult our team of experts. Even if this treatment is deemed unsuitable, you will be directed to the right solution as deemed appropriate. 

Many patients tend to be disheartened about the persistent nature of acne development. Myriad factors may cause the recurrence of acne. You may either have a lifestyle that does not support or sustain healthy skin. Additionally, certain dietary preferences could also cause acne development. It is also possible that you have yet to have found the right type of skincare regime that best suits your skin. 

Regardless of the exact cause, when consulting with our team, we will ensure you are given sufficient education and awareness to maintain the good results obtained from ACNE Prestige HydraClear Facial. It is truly our belief that clear skin is not luck rather your right. 

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