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Freeze Max

The slimming industry is filled with a myriad of treatments, with some even promising immediate weight loss. What works and what doesn’t? 

At OZ Aesthetics, we believe fat loss should be done the healthy, sustainable way. This includes a controlled diet and regular exercise complemented with body contouring treatments. 
Introducing Freezemax, our fat removal protocol that promises to enhance your fat loss efforts.

What is Freezemax?

As a cutting edge 360º body contouring treatment in Singapore, Freezemax allows you to sculpt your body via cryolipolysis (fat freezing). This non-invasive technology treats localised fat deposits to reduce the appearance of love handles, double chins, and other stubborn areas that diet and exercise can’t help. It is the only fat removal machine that allows four areas of treatment in one session. 

Up to 30% fat cell reduction guaranteed. We invite you to experience fat loss the joie de vivre way.

How does Freezemax work?

From the largest fashion center of the world, France, CRISTAL Pro is the embodiment of French beauty standards – consistent, cost-effective, and effortless. It is considered a 360º body contouring treatment as it enables the reshaping of the face and body at the same time. It is non-invasive and non-surgical, making it a great alternative to traditional methods like liposuction.

During the procedure, fat deposits are frozen to a temperature of -12º. These fat cells gradually enter the apoptosis phase (irreversible cell death) and naturally become eliminated in the weeks following treatment. 

CRISTAL Pro treats nearly every part of the body, be it large areas like the abdomen to smaller areas such as the chin. The procedure allows the treatment of up to 4 areas per session.

CRISTAL Pro has been proven to guarantee up to a 30% reduction in fat cells. Clinical studies also show that most clients lose an average of 2-4cm in fat circumference after each procedure.

OZ Aesthetic

Up to 30% Fat Reduction In Targeted Areas

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OZ Aesthetic

Why Freezemax?

No need for surgery

Non-invasive treatment plan

Recommended for those who are unsuited for other invasive methods such as liposuction

Recommended for those who are unsuited for other invasive methods such as liposuction

Suitable for all ages

Reduced cellulite

Able to treat multiple areas at once through state-of-the-art technology

Safe and convenient lunchtime treatment plan

360° Body Shaping

Painless, quick, and no downtime

No downtime

No risk of infection

Up to 40% fat reduction

What results can I expect from Freezemax treatment in Singapore?

Your fat cells will be gradually eliminated, and you should experience gradual results that become optimal and definitive in the 6-10 weeks following your treatment. Your doctor should follow up with you once your initial treatment reaches its full results.

How many treatments of Freezemax do I need?

This largely depends on factors such as your treatment area and desired outcomes. For optimal results, we recommend up to two more sessions after your initial procedure, both between one-month intervals.

OZ Aesthetic

360° Body Slimming For A Newer You

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Freezemax painful?

Freezemax is not painful. Apart from a warming or cooling sensation during certain procedures, you will not feel any discomfort. Our team does the utmost best to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible!

Is Freezemax safe?

Freezemax is generally considered to be a safe treatment. It is a non-surgical and non-invasive method for fat reduction and body shaping with no risks of infection unlike invasive methods such as liposuction. 
Some conditions may make you unsuitable for Freezemax and other fat freezing treatments. These include: 

- Pregnancy
- Pulmonary conditions
- Medication pumps
- Metal implants
- Hernias
- Cardiac arrhythmia
- Cold allergies 
- Recent surgery

Is there any downtime?

The treatments associated with Freezemax do not have any downtime. This means you will be able to resume your daily activities after the treatment. Some patients may experience redness, numbness or swelling on areas that have been treated, but they should go away after a short time. However, please inform us immediately if you experience any unusual symptoms after your first round of treatment.

Are results permanent?

Yes, the results are permanent. However, it is crucial that you take good care of your newly sculpted body with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Can I go for additional sessions to lose more fat?

The satisfaction from aesthetic treatment results can be addictive. Sometimes, patients are not the best judges of when to stop. This is why we recommend you work with an objective practitioner who has a proven track record of putting their clients’ beauty and safety first.

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