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Legacy Sculpt

Legacy Sculpt

What is Legacy Sculpt?

Legacy Sculpt is a revolutionary new technology for sculpting the face and body to tighten skin and create a slimmer appearance. It is a body slimming and contouring treatment that is also capable of reducing wrinkles on the face. Additionally, it effectively reduces fat and cellulite that is found in more stubborn areas of the body and which cannot be easily eliminated through diet or exercise.

How does Legacy Sculpt work?

Legacy Sculpt is a body and face contouring treatment that is safe for all skin types with no risk and no downtime. Legacy Sculpt is formulated and supervised by medical professionals which provides the highest level of safety and professionalism for all your fat removal and body shaping needs.

During Legacy Sculpt treatment, stubborn fat cells are broken down by heat. The body then eliminates the destroyed fat cells through its natural metabolism process. Apart from the abdominal area, Legacy Sculpt is also able to treat smaller and hard-to-reach areas of the body such as the cheekbones and neck. Legacy Sculpt also stimulates collagen remodeling to help tighten and smoothen treated skin.

By focusing heat on specific areas for 10-20 minutes each time, Legacy Sculpt allows fat reduction and skin tightening to occur safely in a non-invasive way.

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Why Legacy Sculpt?

Legacy Sculpt utilizes radio frequency (RF) technology to increase blood circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage. This allows the treatment to deliver instant results such as increased fat removal and tightened skin. Legacy Sculpt is an advanced medical-grade device that generally involves an adjustable heat pulse technology with vacuum and real-time thermal feedback to control heat output. This makes it a safe and quick treatment that can be done even during your lunch break.

Reduced cellulite

Reduced cellulite

Reduced cellulite

Reduced fat

Abdominal area contouring

Tighter, more firm skin

Reduced wrinkles

What areas can Legacy Sculpt treat?

What areas can Legacy Sculpt treat_

Legacy Sculpt is able to treat the following areas including:

  • Waist
  • Arms
  • Tummy
  • Neck
  • Thighs
  • Face
  • Buttocks
  • Double chin
  • Love handles

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What results can I expect from Legacy Sculpt?

With Legacy Sculpt, patients can expect to see remarkable improvements in fat reduction and skin tightness almost immediately. You will be able see drastic changes in your figure as early as the third treatment or sooner. Results from Legacy Sculpt have also been tested by FDA to last for a minimum of 18 months. They can even be permanent if you continue to undergo repeated treatments.

Prior to your Legacy Sculpt treatment, you will undertake a detailed Muscle-Fat Analysis to help monitor your progress and determine your needs. This way, your therapist will be able to help you achieve your dream body. Patients will also be recommended to exercise regularly after treatment to accelerate removal of the released fat and maintain their new slim figure.

How many treatments of Legacy Sculpt do I need?

The number of treatments for Legacy Sculpt will depend on the patient’s individual needs. It is recommended that patients go for around 6-10 sessions to see remarkable improvements in their face and body. Those who wish to maintain their figure can opt for an additional treatment of one session per month after initial treatment. Each initial session can be done about 1 week apart depending on the treatment plan you and your therapist have formulated.

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results from satisfied clients

Before/after legacy sculpt treatment
Before/after legacy sculpt treatment
Before/after legacy sculpt treatment
Before/after legacy sculpt treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Legacy Sculpt painful?

Legacy Sculpt is not painful. Apart from a gentle warming feeling as the treatment is carried out, you will not feel any discomfort. The treatment delivers concentrated heat to specific areas of the face and body to allow greater control over temperature. There is also no need for topical cooling agents. Legacy Sculpt ensures patients’ comfort at all times to make the treatment feel relaxing and even enjoyable.

Is Legacy Sculpt safe?

Legacy Sculpt is generally considered to be safe. It is a non-surgical and non-invasive method designed for fat reduction and skin tightening. Legacy Sculpt is suitable for patients of all skin types including deeper skin tones. This treatment is also recommended for patients who have a BMI of <25.

Some conditions may make you unsuitable for Legacy Sculpt for safety reasons. These include pregnancy, patients with active cancer, epilepsy, pulmonary conditions, medication pumps, metal implants, endometriosis, open wounds at treatment areas, cardiac arrhythmia and those who have pacemakers in their body or have undergone recent surgery. Your therapist will be able to advise you further on the best method of treatment during your consultation.

Does Legacy Sculpt have any downtime?

Legacy Sculpt does not require any downtime. This means you will be able to resume normal activities right after the treatment. However, some patients may experience slight redness on treated areas after Legacy Sculpt. They will go away almost immediately. It is important to speak to your therapist if you find that you are experiencing any unusual symptoms after your treatment.

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