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Lip Enchantment

lip enchantment singapore
After Lip Enchantment treatment, your lips will appear naturally vibrant, fuller, and more defined.

What is Lip Enchantment?

Are you seeking a way to naturally enhance and balance the colour of your lips while achieving a fuller, more defined shape? We have a perfect solution for you! Lip Enchantment is a cosmetic treatment that enhances your lips' natural colour and shape while making them appear fuller and more defined. 

At OZ Aesthetic, we use premium ingredients sourced from Germany to ensure the highest-quality Lip Enchantment procedure. We dedicate two months to achieving the perfect balance of colour, which naturally enhances your lip's hue for a tailor-made match with your skin tone. 

With a focus on safety and minimal discomfort, our process not only beautifies but also plumps and shapes your lips. You may also benefit from a complimentary consultation to personalise your treatment and ensure that results are both beautiful and harmonious with your natural features.

How does Lip Enchantment work?

Lip Enchantment works by utilising a specialised formula combining natural oils and pigments to enhance the colour and shape of the lips gradually. The process involves careful application of these ingredients to ensure they nourish and reshape the lips over time, which can lead to a natural and balanced colour enhancement. 

The procedure uses tiny needles to infuse pigments into the lips, delicately enhancing their colour. Although this process can be sensitive due to the lip's delicate nature, our specialised technique at OZ Aesthetic significantly reduces discomfort, with many clients experiencing minimal to no pain. We prioritise client comfort and satisfaction while ensuring a safe, effective, and pain-minimised experience in a trusted and professional settin

Why should I opt for
Lip Enchantment?

Lip Enchantment can help you achieve a more vibrant, even lip colour that enhances your natural beauty, along with providing the following benefits:

  • Enhanced natural colour: our professional lip enchantment procedure revitalises your lips, giving them a richer, more uniform colour that looks naturally vibrant. 
  • Volume boost: the treatment adds fullness, creating a plumper appearance and enhancing lip contour.
  • Long-lasting results: by opting for our lip enchantment procedure, you can enjoy the convenience of lasting lip colour and reduce the need for frequent touch-ups.
  • Personalised shades: our lip enchantment procedure is tailored to complement your skin tone, ensuring the colour looks natural and suits you perfectly.
  • Minimised discomfort: we utilise advanced techniques to reduce pain and ensure comfort throughout the procedure.

By choosing OZ Aesthetic for your lip enchantment, you are not just getting a cosmetic treatment but investing in a team that cares deeply about your personal journey to achieving the lips you have always wanted.


Results from satisfied clients

lip enhancement singapore
Lip enchantment enhances the volume and colour of your lips, creating a fuller, more defined, and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

What happens during the Lip Enchantment consultation session at OZ Aesthetics?

At OZ Aesthetic, our Lip Enchantment consultation is a highly personalised experience. We begin by analysing your lip's undertone and your natural skin tone while considering your age and preferences. This helps us craft the perfect pigment blend for you. 

Our procedure ensures your lips are enhanced naturally and perfectly, aligning with your facial features. After our skilled artists demonstrate the proposed colour using various lip products, you can provide your feedback. This step helps us ensure that you are completely satisfied before we proceed with the lip enchantment procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Lip Enchantment colour last?

Lip Enchantment offers lasting results, but the duration can vary based on individual lifestyle and care. It typically lasts four to five years before a touch-up is needed.

Can Lip Enchantment be customised to any lip shape or size?

Yes, Lip Enchantment is fully customisable to enhance and work with any lip shape or size, ensuring a natural and flattering look.

Is a touch-up session necessary after the initial Lip Enchantment treatment?

A touch-up session might be recommended a few weeks after the initial treatment to perfect the colour and shape as the lips heal and the true colour emerges.

How many Lip Enchantment sessions are required?

The number of Lip Enchantment sessions required can vary depending on individual needs and desired outcomes. Typically, a consultation with a specialist would determine the exact number of sessions to help you achieve the best results. Generally, it might range from one to several sessions, with follow-ups to refine and maintain the colour and shape over time. 

What are the side effects of Lip Enchantment, and what aftercare should I follow?

Lip enchantment usually results in minor and temporary side effects, such as swelling, redness, and tenderness. We ensure that our clients do not experience any bruising or allergic reactions. Aftercare typically involves keeping the lips clean, avoiding makeup for a certain period, and applying a healing balm or ointment. It is important to follow the aftercare instructions provided to ensure proper healing and optimal results.

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